let us go

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  1. George!!!

    It’s Carrie in Sonoma. Marcus told me you had left town. He said it was in a hurry so I think you did something bad. I’m sure it was you and not your wife. Your art is spectacular. I’m saving my pennies so you can come back here and do something really big and not so violent and maybe not of me!!! Hope you are happy in Chattanooga. I don’t doubt it. Spectacular website.


    1. Dear Carrie
      I replied before , not sure if you got it. You probably thought, if it takes him this long to answer, why bother reading. Well I wanted to know that I have the fondest of memories working with you and Hal and I do hope all is well with you and that you came out relatively unscathed from the fires. Chattanooga is having a “renaissance” at the moment and we are trying to be a part of that. You can see my work on the Instagram.com/georgedawnay or here or at http://www.unreal.city so as you can see Iam keeping myself busy. Give my regards to Hal and enjoy the view!!!
      yours George

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